Wednesday, 24 December 2014

The richest man in town

Two kids with a house full of electronics, Netflix and a library of kids DVDs and what do they pick to watch (and are captivated watching it)....

Every year it is a family tradition to watch "It's A Wonderful Life" and after all these years it still seems fresh. Here are a few reflections on the film after watching it now as an adult:
- Sadly, Pottersville does not seem that far removed from present day Regina. Is it too much to ask that everyone has four walls, a fireplace and somewhere decent to raise their family?
- Uncle Billy! What a tool! Every year I get more upset with him and what is his deal anyway? I am sure it is some form of mental illness, but man is he strange.
- everyone mistreated and took George for granted. From his dad asking him to stay on at the buildings and loans to his brother not keeping his end of the deal to take over so George could go to school. I really feel for the guy and it makes it that much more powerful when he snaps. Classic old-school repression
- it is comforting to me to think there is someone out there looking out for us throughout our lives no matter what your religious beliefs.
- George's life DID matter to all the lives he helped improve in Bedford Falls. While not as flashy as his brother or Sam Wainwright, he quietly did the most Christian thing one could do by always helping others and doing so without complaint or expectation of a return.
- it is amazing how powerful people coming together can be.
- tell those people who make a difference in your life how much they have done for you.
- I hope my kids get as much out of this film as it has given me year after year.

With so much negativity out there it is hard to remain optimistic. Watching this film is a reminder of all the good out there and I will do my best to be the sort of father/husband/friend/son to my family that George is to his.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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