Thursday, 22 November 2012

Comments for Carol

Comments to Carol's DE Module

Is the Module designed in such a way as to reach/connect with and engage the learners for whom it is intended?

 I appreciate your comments about coming together for professional development under creative methods.
Like Mark, you also face the challenge of the teachers you're trying to support being so far away
And like Mark, you are targeting middle years teachers for their professional development in mathematics. 
You Make a really good point about the gap between learners. Some learners might be a great level standard and obviously before that. It's up to the teacher to find ways to engage  all. I guess part of your job is to help plan strategies to be a will to do that and to be able to maintain a working releationship with your teachers in your division. 

Is the content delivered in engaging, stimulating and challenging ways?

You mentioned that most the teachers teaching that are generalists and not specialists.  Perhaps mathematics is a struggle for them to teach. I like your approach that this would follow up an initial face- to - face meeting with teachers. In this way, they get to know you and hopefuly feel comfortable reaching out to you.

Are the learning activities, multimedia elements (if any) and assignments/learner assessment samples relevant, appropriate? Do they help extend learning?

You have included many screen shoots and resources. They are highly visual, age appropriate and interesting. I think teachers would use this as they are ready to go lessons and units. If someone is still trying to get comfortable teaching math, this is a great model for them. 

What is the best aspect of the Module? What is exciting, interesting, unique, creative?

I would say the best aspects are the screen shots as it gave me a clear idea of what you were trying to do. 

What would make it even better?

I think you could have included more towards specifics of how you diferentiate math instruction. I was looking for more examples or a goal and different strategies that could work with different students. 

All in all a good narrative. 

Ryan Hicks

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